Sabah Asmar was born in the traditionally rich city of Ramallah located in Palestine. As a young child she discovered the magical effects of food, embroidery, and story telling. As a child she and her eleven sisters and brothers would all sit together while watching, and then try to emulate and help their mother while making dinner.

One of her earliest recollections of her discovery of the beauties of food preparation was the many afternoons simply spent watching her mother make the many traditional Palestinian dishes. These priceless moments and memories remain dear to heart.

Although the family had very little in the way of material possessions, their lives were nevertheless rich in tradition. Lacking even furniture, or television to distract them, these family gatherings served as a type of school; it was where their education began.

As a large and very close family, many fond memories were shared, but Sabah’s most memorable moments came from the times when all her eleven brothers and sisters gathered, squeezing shoulder to shoulder in the tiny kitchen, helping their mother prepare meals; but it wasn’t just about getting to, and completing, the task at hand.

Rather, it was a joyful time, when the family would gather to hear the stories that their mother would tell about her life, her mother’s life, and great grandmother’s as well. It was about spending time together, laughing and learning how to become like their mother; it was about learning the family heritage, where the recipes had come from, and the people, each of whom had brought a different piece to the colourful mosaic that comprised the family’s cultural and culinary tradition.

Samer Asmar
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Taste The Motherly Love!

Anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle knows how much eating well is important. Unfortunately busy daily schedule and work obligations do not leave us with much time to prepare those healthy and tasteful dishes we once had a long time ago. That is why at Sabah’s Middle Eastern Delights we pride ourselves on delivering nothing less than the most delicious foods of incomparable quality. All of which is available to you at your local supermarket.

  • Fresh!!!

    We only use the freshest vegetables handpicked by our team for your satisfaction!

  • Food Facts

    Our recipes call for fresh all-natural ingredients that contain absolutely no additives

  • Authentic

    Our style of cooking is like no other and once you try it, your standards will be raised!

  • Made in Quebec

    We are proud to say that every one of our products are made in Quebec

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 Garlic Sauce

This home-style aromatic sauce made by Sabah’s Delights is full of flavor and complements a wide variety of dishes. It has a smooth and creamy texture and it is packed with natural health benefits.

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garlic sauce image3 garlic sauce image4
garlic sauce image5
garlic sauce nutrition Facts

 Vine Leaves

This healthy snack made by Sabah’s Delights is stuffed with a layer of rice, garlic and other savoury seasonings. Enjoy this as a side dish or on its own as a part of the daily nutrients you should be eating.

vine leaves image1 vine leaves image2
vine leaves image3 vine leaves image4
vine leaves nutrition facts

 Pickled Turnips

This appetizer made by Sabah’s Delights has a savoury pickled taste with a hint of sweetness. It can be eaten and enjoyed on its own or can be added to the sandwich of your choice.

pickled turnips image1 pickled turnips image2
pickled turnips image3
pickled turnips nutrition facts


This traditional mouth-watering side dish made by Sabah’s Delights is compacted with a healthy variety of vegetables. It has a moist texture and is also made of rich and natural oils.

emsakara image1 emsakara image2
emsakara image3 emsakara image4
emsakara image5
emsakara nutrition facts


This healthy snack made by Sabah’s Delights is stuffed with a layer of rice, garlic and other savoury seasonings. Enjoy this as a side dish or on its own as a part of the daily nutrients you should be eating.

pepperoncini image1 pepperoncini image2
pepperoncini nutrition facts


This flavourful side dish made by Sabah’s Delights is a tasty blend of caramelized onions, rice and green lentils. It is seasoned to perfection and when heated you can add a hint of lamb and yogurt for an extra boost in flavour.

mujadarah image1 mujadarah image2
mujadarah image3 mujadarah image4
mujadarah image5 mujadarah image6
mujadarah nutrition facts

 Baba Ghannouj

This delicious homemade side dish made by Sabah’s Delights is the perfect blend of eggplant and other fresh and preservative-free seasonings. With its creamy texture, it is a delicious topping to be served on bread, vegetables, salads and anything else that you can think of!

babaganouj image1 babaganouj image2
babaganouj image3 babaganouj image4
babaganouj image5 babaganouj image6
babaganouj nutrition facts


This snack made by Sabah’s Delights is a generous blend of chic peas and other savoury spices. It is hard to just have one! Add an extra hint of flavour by dipping it in hummus, garlic sauce, tahini and so much more!

falafel image8 falafel image2
falafel image3 falafel image4
falafel image5 falafel image6
falafel image7 falafel image1
falafel nutrition facts


This savoury dip made by Sabah’s Delights is a heavenly blend of chickpeas and other rich flavors. It can be used as a condiment for your hearty sandwiches or as a spread for your vegetables, bread and chips.

hummus image1 hummus image2
hummus image3 hummus image4
hummus image5
hummus nutrition facts


This light salad made by Sabah’s Delights is freshly prepared with parsley, tomatoes, bulgur and other zesty flavours. You can eat a generous portion guilt-free as there are many benefits to eating parsley. Enjoy this with meats, poultry, fish and or bread.

taboule image1 taboule image2
taboule image3 taboule image4
taboule nutrition facts


This classic salad made by Sabah’s Delights is a savoury mixture of fresh vegetables and fiber-rich beans. There are no limits to how you can use this salad as a snack, simply add tuna, rice, celery and sundried tomatoes and you suddenly have a meal!

beans image1 beans image2
beans image3 beans image4
mixed beans nutrition facts

 Couscous Salad

This heart healthy salad is full of refreshing flavours. It is tossed with a rainbow of peppers, couscous and other zesty flavours. The perfect homemade dish made by Sabah’s Delights to be added to your lunch box. It can also be eaten with cranberries, raisins and any variety of vegetables you deem fit!

couscous image1 couscous image2
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couscous image7 couscous image8
couscous nutrition facts